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Hey, don't stress about making your own products.
Use Sobling's private label services to easily get top-notch jewelry without any hassle!


"Private label jewelry" is when you can sell jewelry under your own brand without having to design or make it yourself. This is great for buyers because it lets you have your own unique line of jewelry without all the hassle of making it. You get to control how the jewelry is marketed, and you can set the prices the way you want.

All you have to do is find a supplier who can make the jewelry for you. Just talk to different jewelry makers and tell them what you need, and they can create your own special line of jewelry just for you to sell. It's an awesome way to stand out from other sellers and offer something totally unique to your customers.

Oh sure! When you're shopping around for a private label jewelry supplier, there's a few things you wanna keep in mind:

1. Quality Check: Make sure you get some product samples or do some testing to check the quality of the jewelry. You gotta make sure it meets your standards and follows all the rules.

2. Stay in Touch: Pay attention to how quick the supplier gets back to you. You want someone who's on the ball and can help you out when you need it.

3. Time is Money: Find out how long it takes for them to make and deliver your orders. You don't wanna miss out on sales 'cause your stuff is late.

4. Cover Your Bases: Make sure the supplier has some kind of guarantee and can help you out if there are any issues after you've made a purchase.

5. And don't forget to consider their production capabilities, supply consistency, and their track record with other businesses when you're making your choice.

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With Private Label Jewelry

Anyone has the ability to establish a thriving jewelry label.

If you're a skilled jewelry designer, a digital marketer, or a business owner, private labeling can support you in launching your own jewelry brand successfully.

If you're an experienced expert and you're prepared to progress, Sobling is available to aid in growing your brand.

If you're new to the jewelry business with big dreams, we're excited to guide you toward a successful global launch.

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Establish Your Jewelry Business Since 0.5

Every private label jewelry company is striving to stay ahead in the market, balancing consumer needs with top-notch quality and fashionable designs. Private label jewelry manufacturing offers a solution by supplying your brand with top-quality, trendy custom jewelry at competitive prices.
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Private Label Jewelry Logo Engravings

Private Label Jewelry Mock-up

Private Label Jewelry Manufacturing​

Customized Jewelry

Private Label Jewelry Packagin solution

Private label jewelry logo engravings
Best for Established Brands

Private Label Jewelry

So, basically, private labeling is like the simpler version of OEM in the jewelry world. If you go for private labeling, the manufacturer (that's us) will make jewelry with your brand name and logo just like OEM. But, here's the twist: we'll handle most of the jewelry design work. If you've got a fuzzy idea in mind, you can totally ask for design help or even pick from our existing designs and make a few tweaks.
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Best for Startups & Retailers

White Label Jewelry

Sure, white label is when you can pick out jewelry from our catalogs and sell it under the brand name Sobling. It's a great option for online sellers who want to offer top-notch, one-of-a-kind accessories. Choosing white label can really save you time and cash.
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Best for Designers & Retailers

OEM Jewelry

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer and is also known as contract manufacturing. Jewelry OEM involves a lot of know-how and skill from both the buyers and the manufacturer. Before starting the production process, buyers need to have a specific and detailed design ready to go.
Customized Jewelry

Sterling Silver & Semi-Precious

High-end fine jewelry market solutions

Customized Jewelry

Sterling Silver & Moissanite

Mid-to-high end jewelry market solutions

Customized Jewelry

Sterling Silver & Synthetic Gems

Fast fashion jewellery market solutions

Customized Jewelry

Sterling Silver & Cubic Zircon

The most widely popular jewelry market

All-In-One Solutions of materials options

Sterling Silver Private Label Jewelry

Take your brand to the next level with custom made private label jewelry made from high-quality sterling silver or sustainable eco-friendly materials. These materials showcase exceptional strength and elegance, combined with detailed designs and adorned with various gems, pearls, or other embellishments that set them apart.

The Flexibility of Private Label Jewelry

Freedom to choose designs and materials

If you're not sure about your design, our experts are here to turn your vague ideas into reality. You can also take existing products and tailor them to your style by changing the colors, materials, gemstones, and more.

Protect and Enhance Your Brand and Logo

Sobling is fully committed to supporting each partner and their jewelry brand. Through our white label service, you have the freedom to choose and specify the logo you want to have engraved on the jewelry (tags, bars, etc.). Additionally, we offer a private label jewelry packaging service, allowing you to create custom packaging with your logo printed on it.

how to do private label jewelry with sobling

markets study and research

Explore the market, discover your competitors, and stay updated on the latest jewelry fashions.

Create your brand elements

Develop a distinctive brand identity, including a compelling brand name and logo suitable for engraving on your jewelry pieces.

Meeting, discuss and designs

Meeting and discuss with the Sobling to confirm the design, encompassing the jewelry item and the packaging if required.

Make trial samples & approval

Once the design is finalized, our production facility will commence the manufacturing process to create the prototype and trial samples.

Bulk Order and delivery

If you're satisfied with the sample, feel free to place your official order! We'll expedite the production and shipping process to minimize lead time, and fastest delivery.

techniques to add your logo and brand
1 chemical etched logo

Chemical Etched

Chemical etching is a process that uses chemicals to selectively remove material from a metal surface to create intricate designs or patterns. It is often used in manufacturing to produce precise and detailed parts for various applications, such as in the electronics and automotive industries. In the context of jewelry, chemical etching can be used to create decorative designs on metal surfaces.

2 mechanical etched logo

Mechanical Engraved

Mechanical engraving refers to the process of using specialized machinery to physically cut or carve a design into a material such as metal, wood, or plastic. This process is often used to create detailed patterns, inscriptions, or images on items such as jewelry, trophies, and signs. Mechanical engraving can also be used in industrial applications for marking and identifying parts for purposes of traceability and branding.

Customized Jewelry

Laser Engraved

Laser engraving is a process that uses a laser to remove material from a surface to create a design, pattern, or inscription. It is commonly used on various materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, and leather to add decorative or functional markings. The precision and versatility of laser engraving make it popular for personalizing items like jewelry, awards, and electronic devices, as well as for creating detailed artwork and signage.

With Private Label Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Packaging Options For Your Brands

The sustainable packaging techniques employed for enclosing custom jewelry pieces are durable and recyclable. This packaging helps to prevent any blemishes and further safeguards the jewelry.

Manufacturer of sustainable jewelry

We care ethical and sustainable

Ethical Manufacturer of sustainable Private Label Jewelry

Sobling is a provider of sustainable and morally responsible jewelry production.
Our distinct strategy to the industry considers the interests of purchasers, suppliers, and the environment. We specifically promote and aid small enterprises, including both labels and suppliers. Ultimately, conducting business ethically solely demands a dedication to uphold moral principles. We guarantee that all materials are acquired ethically and have no negative impact on the environment. Being ethical is not complex, but it does necessitate dedication.

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