Creating a sustainable brand is the ultimate goal for your business.


Sustainable jewelry means making and selling jewelry in a way that's eco-friendly and socially responsible, to minimize the negative impact on the environment and communities, and support sustainable production and sales.

There are a few important reasons to use sustainable jewelry. First, it helps reduce the negative impact on the environment by using fewer resources and causing less pollution. Also, sustainable jewelry supports and improves the lives of the people and communities involved in making it, ensuring fair and socially responsible production.​

For brands, adopting sustainable jewelry is significant and beneficial. It helps enhance the brand's image, attracting consumers who care about sustainable practices. Plus, it builds trust and loyalty because consumers prefer to support brands that are environmentally and socially responsible.​

Key evaluation criteria for sustainable jewelry include the sourcing and sustainability of materials, the eco-friendliness of the manufacturing process, fair and socially responsible practices by producers and suppliers, product lifecycle management, and the impact on local communities. These criteria help assess the overall impact and sustainability of jewelry brands

Manufacturer of sustainable jewelry
Environmental-Friendly Materials


Sobling persist in using the finest eco-friendly materials for your custom jewelry so that you get the highest quality and unique selling point.
These materials are recyclable, reducing waste of resources and avoiding damage to the environment, maintaining a sustainable brand impression for your brand and helping to increase branding and potential revenue.

Sustainable Artificial Cubic Zircon Materials
Sustainable Artificial Cubic Zircon Materials
Sustainable Artificial Lab grown Moissanite
Sustainable Artificial Lab grown Moissanite
Sustainable Artificial Lab grown Sapphire Gems
Sustainable Artificial Lab grown Sapphire Gems
Sustainable Artificial Imitation Opal Material
Sustainable Artificial Imitation Opal Material
100% recycled silver materials
100% recycled silver materials
100% recycled copper materials
100% recycled copper materials
100% recycled Green wax materials
100% recycled Green wax materials
100% recycled blue wax materials
100% recycled blue wax materials
Certified Sustainable Materials

The silver material of your jewelry purchased from "Responsible Jewelry Council Recycled Silver Source",
and have been certified by SGS and CTT that comply with standards of "California Proposition 65" and "European Chemicals Agency 211 Substances".

SGS Certified 999 Silver Grain Content Test
SGS Certified California Proposition 65 testing report
Responsible Jewelry Council Recycled Silver Source
European Chemicals Agency 211 Substances Test Report

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Ethically and Sustainable

The Process to accomplish Sustainable jewelry

Sobling is dedicated to ethically sourcing materials. We exclusively obtain gemstones, pearls, and other materials from thoroughly screened suppliers with a demonstrated history of sustainable sourcing. Furthermore, we ensure that our suppliers responsibly extract gemstones from authorized locations.

Reducing power usage is beneficial for lowering both production costs and our environmental impact. We implement various strategies to minimize energy consumption, such as utilizing a centralized HVAC control system to manage factory temperatures. Additionally, we choose to utilize LED lighting fixtures in both the office and production facility.

Drawing from more than ten years of production expertise, we have refined our quality control procedures to optimize material usage and minimize waste. Additionally, we prioritize recycling and reusing materials wherever feasible, enabling us to craft a wider variety of custom jewelry while working within resource constraints.

As an esteemed jewelry manufacturer, we uphold responsible waste management practices, particularly concerning hazardous chemical waste. We employ a dependable waste gas capture system for appropriate disposal, and all liquid solutions utilized in the electroplating process are directed to specialized waste management facilities for processing.

Green Practise of sustainable jewelry

Establishing and Maintaining a Diverse, Health-Conscious, and Engaged Work Environment

Our manufacturing plant is recognized worldwide for fostering an environment that enhances and sustains efficient production. Regularly engaging in conversations with our employees allows us to understand their needs and put in place lasting approaches to foster a safe and healthy workplace.
Sobling jewelry Polishing workspace
Corporate Social Responsibility

Growing up also means giving back and
being thankful for what We have.

For Employees and workers

Supporting our team instills them with the assurance to excel and advance in their careers. We equip our team with all the resources necessary to feel secure in the workplace and enable them to concentrate on their strengths – crafting high-quality jewelry for your brand.

For Parters and customers

Sobling consistently prioritizes the concerns of customers over our own interests. By reciprocating our support to suppliers, logistics partners, and investors, we bolster our own position. By maintaining a positive feedback loop, we ensure that customers achieve greater returns on their investments.

For Society and Community

In an effort to contribute to society and support the community in which we operate, we are creating pathways for individuals to develop skills and generate income. One method we are employing is to have 70% of Sobling’s workforce comprised of women.


Sobling Respects Quality Standards​

Sobling comply with Quality certificates as TUV CNAS CTC